5 Best Home Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s

Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤ Going out for Valentine’s can be fun, but an intimate and personalised day with your number 1 can be even more lush. Why not try out some of our 5 inspiring ideas for Date Nights at home this Valentine’s!

1. Breakfast/Brunch in Bed

Why not start the day with a scrummy breakfast in bed. Pancakes, french toast, yoghurt & fruit, fresh coffee, orange juice, mimosa, whatever takes your fancy. What better way to start the day then chilling out with the one you love? So gather all those blankets and pillows, light some candles and put some chilled tunes on for a relaxed Valentine’s morning!

2. Home Dinner Date

There’s something special about cooking for your Valentine and can be a gift to the other in itself. Ditch the packed out restaurants and get cosy at home with a home-made meal together. Set the scene with a mini menu, candles, your best crockery and glasses – really pimp it up for maximum effect!

3. Film Night

A date night staple – the trip to the flicks. But why not try setting up your own cinema at home for Valentine’s though? Whether you have a projector, a TV or just your laptop or phone (you can pick up a ‘smart phone projector’ for under a tenner!), make your home into a cosy little film watching den, with throws, cushions and fairy lights and get that corn popping and grab some pick n’ mix to boot! Snuggle down and watch your favourite flick together without the distractions of other people talking or their phones going off! Plus you can have your own intermission for the drinks round!

4. Games Night

It might sound old school but a games night is a fun idea for a date night. Whether it’s Scrabble, Monopoly, Chess or some cheeky Jenga, you’re bound to have a good laugh with it and bring out each others competitive sides!

5. Star Gazing

Take the time out to look up. The night sky is a natural beauty wherever you are, so take a moment with your Valentine to chill out and check out the stars. Maybe even set yourselves the challenge of seeing how many constellations you can spot, or maybe even make up your own! Look up for more than 10 minutes and you may even spot a shooting star or two!

What to wear on your Date Night

Whatever you do have a magical Valentine’s Day! 💕

Love Jenny & Team JG x