5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas During Lockdown ❤✨

Valentine’s Day this year will be slightly different to the previous due to Lockdown, but this shouldn’t stop you from celebrating Valentine’s Day with your loved one. In this blog post, I am going to take you through 5 creative & amazing date ideas to do on Valentine’s Day with your partner so that you can make this Valentine’s Day the best one yet.

  1. Create a restaurant experience for your loved one

Fancy being a chef for the evening? WOW them this Valentine’s Day and have a go at cooking a 3 course meal filled with all your partner’s favourite food in this Valentine’s Day restaurant experience! Go all out and set it up as if you were in your favourite restaurant with candles, music and even a few of their favourite beverages.

Need some inspiration? Take a look at this 3 course meal below to get started:

  • Starter – Baked Camembert with Sourdough bread
  • Main – Wild Pink Salmon Risotto
  • Dessert – Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart

2. Bar Crawl (Around the house of course!)

Start in your kitchen and go through each room in your house as if you was going on a bar crawl. Place your favourite beverage (alcoholic or non alcoholic) in each room and make your way through the house, drinking as you go. Make it more exciting and place games in each room with snacks to replicate a real bar/restaurant.

3. A night at the (home) Cinema

Grab the popcorn, your favourite drink & your favourite film and sit down and chill for your very own movie night at home! You can even create a blanket fort and build yourself a little den to sit in while watching your film! (grab the cushions if you have picked a scary film, you will want something to hide behind).

If you really wanted it to be like being at the cinema, get a projector and sheet and project the film onto the wall and it’s as if you were really there!

4. Themed Afternoon tea

Make some sandwiches, cakes, scones and a big pot of tea and enjoy an Afternoon Tea in the comfort of your own home! Think outside of the box and do a themed Afternoon Tea with your loved one. Whether that is a Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea or a Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Afternoon Tea, get creative and transform your Dining room into something out of a movie for your date.

5. Cocktail Making

Do you have a favourite cocktail that you would love to have right now? Or do you fancy yourself as a cocktail making genuis? Surprise your other half this Valentine’s Day and take them cocktail making in the kitchen!

All you need to do is grab the ingredients from the supermarket and you’re ready! Whether it’s a Long Island Iced Tea, Strawberry Daiquiri or a Margarita, make all the classic cocktails on Valentine’s Day evening and impress your partner.

Love Josh & Team JG x