7 Ways to Brighten up your Winter 🌞

We all know that the post-Christmas side of Winter is never the easiest. It’s dark and it feels like a long wait for Spring. Well we feel you. So we’ve put together some ideas of how to banish those Winter blues but would also make great Valentine’s date ideas.

1. A Winter Picnic

Yeah we know, it sounds a bit of a stretch, but hear us out. Imagine layers of thick woolen blankets to sit on and wrap yourself in, a scattering of lanterns and candles, maybe even a firepit, heart-warming comfort food and flasks of hot drinks. What better way to get together with the squad and bring a little warmth to those chilly Winter days.

2. Organising your favourites

You know the drill. It’s time to get up and get ready and despite your best efforts, you’re running late again and scrambling to find the jewellery you want to wear, untangling necklace chains, only finding one earring etc. We’ve put together a perfect way to get your favourite charms & jewellery re-organised for the new year with our stunning selection of jewellery boxes. Make your winter morning routine that little less stressful and head out into the day looking incredible.

3. Weekend City Break

Grab your passport and get on those January sale flight pages and book yourself a little break to somewhere new. The positive effect of having something to look forward to and plan for in Winter is huge as well as knowing you can take a break from your everyday too. The home of Hygge itself, Copenhagen (below) is an ideal option, with many airports in the UK flying directly to the Danish capital in just under 90 minutes. Amsterdam, Germany, Sweden and France are also fantastic options with short flights and train journeys from across the UK. Booking a unique Airbnb place to stay is the perfect way to gain an authentic experience as well as being a fun browsing activity on a cold winter night.

4. Finding New Jewellery

Despite what some may say, taking the time to treat yourself to something new really does bring a little light to your life. So go on, show yourself some love and treat your style to some new charms and jewellery. Below are some beautiful picks to brighten up your Winter wardrobe.

5. Winter Walks

Layer up with cosy knits and hats and throw on your walking boots and take some time to re-explore your favourite spot or discover a new route or patch of woods. Take that time to yourself, to drink in the surroundings and space to reflect or share it with friends and family to make it a fun outing. 

6. Winter on the Beach

Like the picnic idea, this might sound like a stretch, but a bracing walk on the beach is the perfect pick-me-up in Winter. The beaches in Winter are so much quieter, with the added benefit of adorable dogs running the stretch of it and the wild sea salt air. Build a bonfire, grab some pals and gather round it, with your hoodies and blankets and maybe even throw on some grub to cook on the fire.

7. A New Routine

A new year opens up the opportunity to create some new positive habits and routines. There are loads of suggestions out there right now, but one which really caught our eye was creating a new space in your home to chill, read or just watch the world go by. Whether you’re an early riser or a night owl, there’s something truly beneficial about taking that time for yourself. So find a snuggly spot, where you can prop up a cushion, wrap up in blankets with a hot drink and settle in for a priceless moment of self-care.

Here’s to a bright & happy Winter! 🌞

Love Jenny & Team JG x