Anita adds the perfect finishing touch with a Christmas napkin 🎄

Hello guys! I’m Anita and I am the Stock Controller & Data Processor for John Greed Jewellery! Today, I will be showing you how to make the perfect addition to your Christmas Christmas table with a beautiful Christmas tree napkin.

There is nothing better than a beautiful Christmas dinner during the festive season, but what do you need to add that perfect finishing touch? Well… in this blog post I will talk you through how to make a beautiful Christmas napkin to put at the side of your dinner plate to not only look good but to help stop you making a mess at the dinner table!

Follow the steps below to make the perfect Christmas napkin for the dinner table:

1. Get a square napkin and fold it in half to start your Christmas napkin .

2. Fold the square napkin in half again.

3. Fold each layer of the napkin upwards with the same gap between each other.

4. Turn the napkin over.

5. Turn in both corners so they form a straight line.

6. Flip napkin over so the side with the corners is facing upwards.

7. Then pull up each corner leaving a gap between each one.

8. Tuck each corner into the pockets.

10. Add your own decoration to spruce up your dinner table.

I want to know how your Christmas napkins turned out! Share your images and post them in the comments below…

Love Josh & Team JG x