📢 NEW Nomination launch alert 📢

We are delighted to announce the launch of the new One for me, one for you collection here at John Greed. One for me, one for you provides people with the invitation to share and connect with others, in a continuous exchange of charms that celebrate relationships and personal bonds with friends and family.

In an increasingly individualistic society, the one for me, one for you collection promotes an attitude of generosity, interaction and sharing. Every composable bracelet is the beginning of a vivid and intimate story of encounters and adventures and allows you to express your feelings to who you want. Now, you can share this with your closest friends and have matching charm designs on both bracelets to establish your friendship.

Our Amazing Pandora Journey

On 31st March 2019 we will stop selling Pandora jewellery online after 12 amazing years.  We would like to thank Pandora for giving us the fantastic opportunity and most of all you the customer, who have shared our journey with us. But that’s not the end of our story!

Want to know how we went from a small jewellery store in Lincoln to be one of the most successful online Pandora retailers in the world? Read on…

Give a personalised gift this Christmas

For gifts that are not just for Christmas, look no further than a lovely personal gift from John Greed Jewellery! We have a stunning selection of charms and jewellery from PANDORA, Nomination, Thomas Sabo and our very own John Greed Collections, which we will engrave with your name or message of choice.

The LAST day for delivery of engraved gifts for Christmas is 3pm 19th December with Standard Delivery and 3pm 20th December with Express Delivery

The LAST day for non-engraved gifts for Christmas is 3pm on 20th December via Standard Delivery and 3pm on 21st Dec with Express Delivery

‘They’ve been perfecting the process for years now!’

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Mora Pandora’ is the name of one of the most influential and well known Pandora bloggers out there today. Written by Ellie, it has all the latest Pandora news, reviews and gossip from around the world and a lot of Pandora followers.

Here at JG we’re very proud of our laser engraving on Pandora charms, so we were really excited when we decided to get in touch with Ellie with the thought of her reviewing our Pandora engraving skills. Ellie asked us if we could engrave ‘Mora Pandora’ on a charm. We thought we could do better than just writing it on and engraved the actual ‘Mora Pandora’ logo on to the charm. We also engraved some other Pandora jewellery for her including a bangle to show what other stuff we can do and show off our talents.

Mora Pandora’s engraved bangle, charm and pendant charm
(Image credit: morapandorablog.com)

A few days later her blog appeared and wow, she loved the engraving we did for her calling it “some of my most exciting new Pandora additions in a long while” and “the finish on them is perfect”. As for the bead we engraved her logo on she said “This is instantly one of my favourite beads in my collection, and something that I’ll always treasure. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!”