An Introduction to Portrait Jewellery 🤍

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo Da Vinci

Portrait is a brand that focuses on the beauty of the metal, allowing your jewellery to be a reflection of you. This new brand of jewellery speaks to your creative spirit, expressed in clean and simple forms. The intent of Portrait is to display the likeness, personality, and even the mood of a person. Expect to see key pieces of sculptural silver that combine elegant design with a confident flair. There will always be a place for plain silver jewellery; Portrait is a brand worth investing in.

How to make a Jewellery Tree with Jenny 🎄

Hi I’m Jenny and I am the Product Induction & Content Executive here at John Greed Jewellery! I add all the beautiful products onto our website and write all the content for each product that goes with it 😊

Jewellery boxes have their place but I think it is lovely to have some of your favourite jewellery pieces and those you wear all the time on show. Jewellery trees are the perfect way to do this and rather than buying one, why not give making one this Christmas a try?

Next time you’re taking a walk in the park or the woods look out for twigs that fit the scale of the tree design you have in mind, pick up some pebbles or stones too and you’ll soon be ready to go. 💖