Diamonfire A/W & Children’s Jewellery have landed at John Greed 🚀

We are excited to announce that this week we launched Diamonfire’s A/W Collection and Children’s jewellery at John Greed. In this blog post, we will take you through some of the new pieces that have recently dropped, so you can start searching for that perfect Black Friday/Christmas present for your loved one ❤

Diamonfire’s A/W Collection

All Diamonfire Jewellery is crafted with a protective triple plating to maintain an irresistible sparkle that replicates a natural diamond perfectly. Don’t forget, 20% OFF all Diamonfire Jewellery.

Children’s Jewellery

As well as new Diamonfire Jewellery, we have also introduced Children’s jewellery to John Greed. Treat your child to their first jewellery piece that they will cherish forever courtesy of John Greed Jewellery.

Love Josh & Team JG x