Discover P D PAOLA Jewellery Now at John Greed!

Feast your eyes on a new range of contemporary jewellery as we welcome P D PAOLA to our selection of designer brands. P D PAOLA combines the latest trends with remarkable designs, creating exclusive jewellery to be worn as a form of expression for the style conscious women in their ever-changing journey. Commitment to quality is essential to each collection. The jewellery is hand-finished using premium materials and semi-precious stones, carefully selected to form the perfect ingredients for each piece to be unique.

Back in 2014, siblings Paola and Humbert launched the brand in Barcelona with the aim of disrupting the jewellery industry. They followed their dreams and set out to turn their passion for jewellery and design into a career, to create pieces with elegance and modernity for the woman of today. Since then, they have taken the industry by storm and paved the way for modern jewellery design. Take a look below at some of our favourite collections that we believe captures the essence of P D PAOLA.

The Atelier Collection

Inspired by the charm of artisan workshops, a place where colours and shapes come to life. The beautifully vibrant La Palette Stud Earring Set are cleverly designed to create an endless combination of styling as you are able to mix and match the delicate trio. Crafted from 18ct gold plated sterling silver, the subtle and feminine tones of each zirconia stone blend together in perfect harmony, the same as the stroke of colours on an artist’s canvas.

The I AM Collection

Take your necklace game to the next level and celebrate yourself with one of the Multi Stone Letter Necklaces. Your name, your story. A stylish statement of self-love and empowerment, a letter necklace is the ultimate way to show with pride how special you or your loved ones are. Beautifully crafted with 18ct gold plated sterling silver, each semi-precious stone is hand-carved and set manually. The symphony of colours can be a reminder of strength and courage, and to express femininity.

The Essentials Collection

Freshen up your daily looks with the Essentials Collection, composed of timeless designs that are perfect for everyday wear. The Valentina Earrings are a reinvention of the basics, as they feature interlocking rings to give an elegant edge on a timeless classic. These statement earrings are hand-finished with silver plating to ensure an effortless shine all day long. Wear these on your daily adventures and celebrate life with simplicity and honesty.

The beauty of P D PAOLA is its discreet and feminine elegance, that allows you to be creative with your jewellery and embrace individuality. Check out all of the collections and find something to suit your distinctive style and personality.

Love Katie & Team JG x