Discover the Wonderful World of Nomination! 🍦💝

Italian excellence, innovative craftsmanship and creative passion. These values collaborate together to form one jewellery brand: Nomination. Even today, this much-loved brand is still a family owned and operated business, and has become a world leader in gold and stainless steel jewellery.

The story of Nomination begins in the 1980s in Florence, Italy, with a man named Paolo Gensini. The idea was simple; to create a precious bracelet for everyone. Paolo wanted to create great quality jewellery for men and women of all ages and backgrounds. Believe it or not, his inspiration came from selling ice cream to the lovely people of Florence. Rich, poor, old or young, everyone enjoys ice cream! This led him to the idea that jewellery should be the same, that everyone should be able to enjoy it.

He wanted jewellery to be affordable and fun, that you can build up and add to by using your imagination, much like you can with toppings on an ice cream. With Paolo’s experience working with metals as a goldsmith, and brilliant intuition, he was able to revolutionise the jewellery industry and Nomination was born.

The composable bracelet is designed with stainless steel links that have a spring loaded mechanism, allowing for charms to be added easily and can be simply stretched over the hand onto the wrist, no more fiddly clasps! In the beginning, it was only available with gold letter charms, and was the first charm bracelet in which you could spell your own name by connecting the links. In fact, this is the reason for naming the brand “Nomination” as it comes from the Latin meaning “to name”. Today, there are thousands of stylish charms and symbols to choose from, each one exclusively designed and soldered to each link.

Made in Italy using hypoallergenic stainless steel, Nomination bracelets are both hardwearing and beautiful. It’s not only the stainless steel of the highest quality, the 925 sterling silver, the 18ct gold and 9ct rose gold, the precious and semi-precious stones, the diamonds and cubic zirconia, but also a style that follows the world’s fashion trends and dedication to research that makes Nomination so current and fresh. Nomination are not a one trick pony though, they sell a wide range of other jewellery and even watches, which you can transfer your charms onto!

Big fan of a personalised gift? You can use our professional engraving service to add a name, date or phrase onto a blank Nomination charm. Here at John Greed, we love the versatility of the links, and have created our own exclusive engraved designs. Here’s a few of our favourites, which you will only find at John Greed!

Nomination is so popular because it speaks to everyone, no one is left out. Explore our full range of Nomination jewellery now, and combine as you please to remember the most beautiful moments of life. As Paolo Gensini would say, “Bella La Vita!”

Love Katie & Team JG x