Facts about people with May Birthdays 🎉

Whether it’s indulging in too much cake or opening way too many presents, many of you will be celebrating a birthday this month! But what does it actually mean to have a birthday in May?

Are you emotional, stubborn and self-motivated? Then this probably explains why you have a birthday in May! The main zodiac sign associated with the May birthday is Taurus, Taureans like the bull that represents you, are known to be hardworking, intelligent and dedicated. Your reliable and devoted manner makes you practical and well-grounded which allows you to endure and stick to your choices until you reach a point where you are satisfied.

Friends and family are very important to a Taurus, you show signs of loyalty and appreciate time spent with people who you love which is similar to your May birthstone, Emerald. Emerald carries the rich green colour and displays a beautiful tone. This birthstone is considered to be a symbol of rebirth and love. Looking for a jewellery peice adorned with Emerald? Our beautiful Medium Engravable Birthstone Necklace is the perfect, sentimental piece to wear. If you are looking for a more expensive piece, then look no further! The 9ct Gold Emerald & Diamond Deco Earrings are the perfect statement earrings for a May birthday.

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If you are lucky enough to have a birthday in May, then you share a birthday with the likes of Dwyane (The Rock) Johnson, David Beckham, Adele and even George Clooney!

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Love Josh & Team JG x