How to make a Jewellery Tree with Jenny 🎄

Hi I’m Jenny and I am the Product Induction & Content Executive here at John Greed Jewellery! I add all the beautiful products onto our website and write all the content for each product that goes with it 😊

Jewellery boxes have their place but I think it is lovely to have some of your favourite jewellery pieces and those you wear all the time on show. Jewellery trees are the perfect way to do this and rather than buying one, why not give making one this Christmas a try?

Next time you’re taking a walk in the park or the woods look out for twigs that fit the scale of the tree design you have in mind, pick up some pebbles or stones too and you’ll soon be ready to go. 💖

To perfect the jewellery tree, everything you will need is in this picture!

  • Prep time: 2 minutes
  • Making time: 5 minutes
  • Some twigs (fake ones or ones that you can find outside)
  • Glass Jar
  • Pebbles/stones (different colours)
  • Your beautiful jewellery to hang onto the twigs

Step one – Find some twigs, these can be fake ones or ones that you can find outside. Remember, these twigs need to be strong enough to hold your jewellery for a significant amount of time (you don’t want twigs that will break straight away!). If you’re going for a look that’s less rustic, why not try sanding the twigs with a fine-grit sandpaper and sealing with wax, or alternatively, using spray paint to give the twigs a metallic look.

Step two – Get a glass jar and fill it with pebbles. This will act as an anchor for your twigs so they don’t move around or snap! If you want to be extra careful add some glue on the ends of the twigs and stick them to the jar.

Step three – Once you have your twigs, pebbles and jar, all you need now is your jewellery collection to hang off the ends of the twigs. Please be careful during this stage as you don’t want to chuck your jewellery on so the twigs snap, delicately place your watch, bracelet or necklace onto the twig so it hangs beautifully.

You can make as many jewellery trees as you like as long as you have enough materials to cater for the amount of jewellery you have! We would love to see your handmade D.I.Y jewellery trees that you have made, simply post your photos in the comments below and tell us how long it took you!

Love Josh & Team JG x