How to Take The Perfect Christmas photo with Bex & Laura 📸

Hey guys! We are Bex and Laura and we are the Photography girls at John Greed Jewellery! All the model & still life shots you see on our website are produced by us, just give us a camera and a model and we are ready! 😀

As Christmas fast approaches, the opportunity for a photo is going to be everywhere! Whether that is with your friends, family, Santa in his grotto OR a picture of the snowy scenery outside , you don’t want to miss this chance to create a memory that will last a lifetime.

But how do I take the perfect photo I hear you ask? Well… us girls from Photography know a bit about taking photos and have the answers you seek to find! Read this blog post and follow the photo steps and you will not go wrong with your Christmas photo!

  1. Make sure you have good lighting – There is nothing worse than taking a photo in a dark room or when it’s dark outside! This is why you need to make sure you utilise the lighting in your room or outside in the garden. Lighting will aid the image and will allow everyone who’s looking at the picture to see your face. Get this right first time and you won’t have that one annoying friend constantly asking to take another photo!

2. Get the background in too – If you are somewhere picture-esque… GET THAT BACKGROUND IN TOO! It will enhance your photo and add that layer people will love to see when they look back at your photos. Adding the background into your picture can add colour and variation! Also, try turning your camera landscape instead of Portrait to get as much of the background in as you can!

3. Utilise shortcut buttons – There is nothing worse than when you all ready for a photo, you are smiling, in the correct position and you feel like you look okay, for someone to then press or miss-press the touchscreen button to take a photo! Instead, use the volume button on the side of the phone (especially on the Iphone) to prevent blur and to reduce the time wasting of trying to press the dedicate touch screen button.

4. Selfie sticks at the ready – It can be very hard to get everyone in the photo, especially if you have a big family! Which is why, we recommend using a selfie stick in order to get everyone in the picture. Most selfie sticks also have a button on the side for when you want to take the picture too, so you wouldn’t have to worry about pressing the buttons on the phone. Simply connect your phone to the selfie stick hold it high and get everyone in.

5. Filters – You are not doing the photo game right if you don’t use filters after you have taken the picture! With a range of different colours, saturation levels and brightness, filters help you edit your picture and gives it that little pop when you are posting on social media!

If you use all these steps you can rest assured that you will not only have the best Christmas photo out of everyone, but you will also create a memory with your friends and family that you will cherish forever. Do you have a Christmas photo that you are particularly proud of? Share them in the comments below…

Love Josh & Team JG x