Join The Ear Party With THOMAS SABO’s Charming Collection ✨💕

Wouldn’t it be perfect if you could switch up your style and create earring combinations that are unique to you and your own jewellery collection? Well now you can! With THOMAS SABO’s Charming Collection at John Greed, you can now mix and match your earring combinations to create a look that only YOU have.

The beauty of this concept is that you don’t just need one style of earring, you can include multiple styles all on one ear! Start your ear party today and browse some of the combinations we have below…

Climber earrings

Climber earrings have the perfect shaped curve that are designed to climb up your ear in the most eye-catching way. Wear this new type of style to upgrade your look, either on their own or combined with other ear accessories.

Cuff earrings

The beauty of ear cuffs is that they can be attached anywhere on the outer ear, so you don’t have to wear them in just one place. This style of earring is perfect for adding a touch of coolness to any outfit. With its stunning piercing effect, it doesn’t matter what style you go for, the ear cuff can be used if you are wanting to go for a dainty look or a look with a lot of ear accessories.

Mixed metals

Do you enjoy mixing your metals to create a beautiful effect? You can also do this with THOMAS SABO’s Charming Collection. Embrace the on-trend mismatched look, perfect for creating your own style…

Ear Pendants for Studs & Hoops

You can also add small, dainty pendants to your studs and hoops to go for a layered look! All you need to do is find a pendant and add it to either a stud or hoop and you’re ready to go! Take a look at the THOMAS SABO Ear Party guide below…

Check out some of our THOMAS SABO earring styles on our website.

Love Josh & Team JG x