Make your soul happy with ChloBo Jewellery at John Greed ☾☀

We are over the moon to announce the launch of our newest brand addition, the fabulously boho Chlobo Jewellery! Worn by celebrities, fashion bloggers and some of Britain’s most stylish women, ChloBo is renowned for its stacking bracelets and intricate designs that carry positive meanings. Each piece is lovingly handcrafted here in the UK using quality 925 sterling silver, 18ct gold and rose gold plating, suitable for women of all ages, cultures and styles.

The ChloBo journey began 15 years ago when the founder, Chloe Moss, was inspired as she travelled around the globe. After searching for creative inspiration from many different countries, she found exactly what she was looking for on the beautiful indonesian island of Bali. Chloe embraced the island’s enchanting culture and soul, and began making jewellery to reflect her experience on the majestic island. 

Charm meanings

Elephant – Elephants are wise sacred creatures and have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world, they are considered as a symbol of strength, wisdom and solitude. The Cute Charm Elephant Bracelet is the perfect reminder that we are strong and compassionate in everything we do. This bracelet is approved by AnchorCert Protect, meaning you are protected against all known metal allergens making it safe for your skin.

Heart – Spread a little compassion with Heart charm jewellery from ChloBo. This symbol shows the love we hold in our heart for ourselves and for our loved ones. Often known as the seat of emotions, the heart is synonymous with affection. The Mini Noodle Ball Tri-Heart Bracelet is the perfect gift to show love and compassion.

Tree of Life – Representing harmony and balance, the tree of life is the perfect charm that symbolises wisdom, beauty and our personal journey of growth. The Mini Tree of Life Bracelet is a symbol for rebirth, it holds the idea that as the trees lose their leaves in Winter they reappear in Spring showing signs of a new life and a fresh start.

Inspired by the beauty of travelling the world, ChloBo Jewellery allows you to express your individuality through handmade jewellery. Each design holds positive meanings and have been created to be worn as single styles or for stacking to build your own unique story.

We have also recently introduced ChloBo’s very own Happy Soul Perfume! Inspired by the idyllic coastline walks along the French Riviera, the fresh scent of wild fig trees and earthy tones from woody barks are the essence of this fragrance. This captivating and uplifting scent is the perfect treat for yourself or gift for a loved one.

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Love Katie & Team JG x