Meet The John Greed Doggos 🐶

We all need a furry little companion in our life to brighten up our day and to cheer us up when we’re feeling down. It’s pet week here at John Greed and we thought it would be pretty cool to introduce some of the pets our team have here , get ready to fall in love…

Meet Ian 🐶

Say hello to our Graphic Designer’s doggo Ian. Ian is a black Cockapoo who LOVES stealing socks around the house and chasing squirrels on his walks. Ian is very playful, which is common as his breed is very energetic and they don’t tend to stop during the day! Did you know… Ian once chewed a massive hole in his owner’s kitchen floor, but we can all agree you cannot stay mad at that face for too long! ✨

They have an extremely affectionate nature and they are beautiful family dogs. In a family, Cockapoos tend to connect with one family member, rather than everyone in the household which means if they pick you, you are the chosen one 😁❤

Meet Pebbles 🐶

Hello Pebbles! Pebbles is a Working Cocker Spaniel which means she is very intelligent, loyal and VERY willing to please from her natural instincts to “work”. Pebbles loves to chase tennis balls, have cuddles on the sofa and enjoy long walks with the family on the beach. From time to time Pebbles can’t resist stealing biscuits from her mini humans as they toddle around at her height.

A Cocker Spaniel’s temperament is lively & friendly and they LOVE being around other people and pets. They were originally bred as gundogs but their loving nature makes them the perfect addition to the family ❤

Meet Meryl & Judy 🐶🐶

Watch out! Sausage dog about…. Say hello to Meryl & Judy, our Miniature Dachshunds ❤ Meryl & Judy love being on pigeon patrol, licking people’s faces and snuggling under blankets with each other.

Miniature Dachshunds may look small but their breed is muscular and they are built with a broad chest and developed forelegs. Dachshunds also notorious diggers and LOVE to burrow. Meryl & Judy’s naughty trait is that they love stealing and destroying gold balls…

These two cute doggos also have the ability to sense when cheese is being taken out of the fridge, and will stare with sad, hungry eyes until they get some.

Meet Teddy 🐶

Everyone meet Teddy aka the sniffer dog! Teddy is a Beagle which means he is part of the hound family. Beagle’s were originally bred for hunting which is why their sense of smell is impeccable! However, when Teddy isn’t sniffing his surroundings, he LOVES playing with his toys, going for walks & winding his owners up.

Their temperament is loving, gentle, but don’t let that fool you… they are very intelligent canines! Teddy once chewed his way through a metal crate, but when he gives you the “puppy eyes” it’s easy to forgive him.

Meet Tessa 🐶

AND finally…. we have Tessa! Tessa was rescued from a Romanian rescue centre after she wasn’t given the best start in life. The owners are unsure which breed Tessa is, but there is definitely a hint of labrador, pointer and greyhound all wrapped into one loving doggo!

Tessa LOVES playing with her toys, going on long walks and she is OBSESSED with treats. Her loving/loyal nature makes her very similar to a labrador and she has the long legs of a greyhound!

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Love Josh & Team JG x