Our Amazing Pandora Journey

On 31st March 2019 we will stop selling Pandora jewellery online after 12 amazing years.  We would like to thank Pandora for giving us the fantastic opportunity and most of all you the customer, who have shared our journey with us. But that’s not the end of our story!

Want to know how we went from a small jewellery store in Lincoln to be one of the most successful online Pandora retailers in the world? Read on…

In 2007 a jewellery sales agent brought us a new jewellery concept, which involved buying charms to go on a silver bracelet. He was back a month later with amazing stories of crazy customer demand for this product in the handful of shops that were selling it. We gave it a go and bought about £1500 worth of Pandora bracelets and charms.

John Greed Lincoln Steep Hill Store
2007, where it all started at our first store on Steep Hill in Lincoln

We put some in the window and it really did just fly out. There were no pretty pictures or marketing strategy, just customers spreading the word. Unbeknownst to us we had just placed our business at the top of one of the biggest and highest roller coasters in retail history.  

Original Pandora display box
An original black box used to display Pandora on the counter back in the early days

We started selling it online on a website designed and built by ourselves. Add a sprinkling of online marketing and it was like we had just planted Jack’s magic beans. The business doubled in size every six months for four years. For every problem we found a solution, all we knew was that whatever happened we were going to focus on keeping the customer happy and keeping up with customer demand.

Pandora Store Lincoln Opening
2013, the opening day of our first Pandora store

We threw everything we had at this once in a lifetime opportunity, sacrifices were made, other opportunities left aside. We moved into ever larger premises and used ever more complex and powerful technological solutions to give us the competitive edge. We had moved into our new flagship store in the centre of Lincoln and developed all sorts of innovations around selling Pandora, putting charms on a chain as a necklace for example. We had a fantastic team of employees all working towards one objective, selling more Pandora. At our peak we were sending out over 5,000 parcels of Pandora a day. We had been very successful but we had also traded simplicity for complexity and that comes at a cost.

Pandora Engraved Heart Charm

2015, the first message and charm we ever engraved and still one of our most popular

In late 2014 we could see that there was an increasing trend for personalisation and we began to think how it would be possible to personalise a Pandora charm. The problem is that they are very small and tricky to work on. After much research we thought a laser might be able to engrave a Pandora charm. We finally bought one and we played around with it for about 4 months developing jigs, finishing techniques and all the various settings that were needed to get it to work really well. Our initial business proposal was to do 5 engravings a day, how wrong we were… We launched the service just in time for Mother’s Day 2015 and the flood gates opened. Demand for our service was huge, we had totally underestimated the volumes and found ourselves working double shifts.

We were obsessed with quality and our customers loved us for it. We used microscopes to continually analyse the engravings and we experimented in how to improve them. Our graphics team loved coming up with new designs and logos to engrave. Within three years we were the market leaders in engraving Pandora jewellery and had surpassed even Pandora in quality. We were engraving 1000 charms a day!

Exclusive Pandora Engraved Charms
Our new Pandora engraving designs for Mother’s Day 2019

During this time Pandora, like us, had grown out of all recognition. The market had matured and opportunities were not what they used to be. The time had come to take all that we had learnt and move on. We had developed our own brand of jewellery and were now market leaders in high quality jewellery engraving. We had been selling jewellery for 25 years and felt now was the time to finally come out of Pandora’s shadow and concentrate on our own brand and our story.

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Love Jenny & Team JG x