PD PAOLA – Jewellery for Women who Own their Glow ✨

Inspired by a family of strong and multifaceted women, siblings Paola and Humbert, founded PD PAOLA in 2014 with the desire to create a brand that resonates with today’s modern woman. PD PAOLA Jewellery embraces the many forces of feminity and it explores what it means to be a woman today through every piece, collection and wearer.

PD PAOLA jewellery is designed as a form of expression and every collection is the canvas which the creative is built on. PD PAOLA has 11 launches per year where their beautiful jewellery designs are merged with the latest trends to create genuine and outstanding pieces for every woman.

PD PAOLA Jewellery Making Process

The process of making PD PAOLA jewellery starts at PD PAOLA’s creative office in Barcelona. Their team works with every design in demand and carefulness from the first sketch to the development of the jewel. The manufacturing of every PD PAOLA Jewellery piece is expertly handcrafted with the latest technology in order to get the most beautiful piece of jewellery at the end of the process.

Digital Tri-dimensional Process – Once the final sketches are complete, the design team generates a 3D model with the support of specialised software. This stage involves the finalising of details and techincal features of the jewel.

Molding – In order to materialise the piece of jewellery, PD PAOLA print every part of their jewel using high precision 3D printers, with wax as the base material. After this, the wax base is set in silicone, becoming the prime design mould for their jewellery. They then refill this mould with wax to replicate the jewellery piece that has been sketched out. This process is carried out as many times as the number of pieces they plan to produce.

The Wax Tree – After the wax pieces are replicated and they have the desired amount, they build a wax tree. This consists of multiple wax pieces branched and attached to a central pillar. They insert the tree into a circular container and then fill it with cast (this process involves pouring a liquid into a mold and allowing to harden) . After this is done, they place the contained in an oven where the cast dries and the wax melts. They then fill this tree with melted 925 sterling silver which soon hardens.

Carving – Once the silver is finally solidified, the cast is then safely removed. Their next step is to carve the tree pieces with a pressurised water jet. PD PAOLA hand polish every piece for the first time to get solid silver bodies. This process is what they describe as “a jewel fragment is born”.

Polishing and Plating – This stage is split into 3 distinct processes. Firstly, PD PAOLA use wet slate to remove imperfections in the jewellery piece. Secondly, they remove the possible scratched from the slate with linen and cotton wheels. The final process consists of using a wet brush for the final finishing. They also plated the piece in 18 carat gold if the design requires it.

Setting and Assembly – Here comes the most important part! Once the above stages are finished, the team then set (by hand) all the semi-precious stones and zirconias with the help of high precision tools.

Once the pieces have been added and production is finished, all jewellery pieces will go through a quality control process where piece by piece will be thoroughly through visual and tactile control. Finally, they insert each jewel in an airtight bag that protects in during storage. Quality is fundamental in PD PAOLA’s philosophy, they produce their collection with 925 sterling silver, 19 carat gold, brass and semi-precious stones and zirconias. Thier workshops consist of high quality craftsman and state-of-the-art technology, ensuring an exceptional finish to every jewellery piece.

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Love Josh & Team JG x