Personalised Engraving at John Greed

Personalised jewellery can create a lasting memento, allow you to express your own identity, and make a wonderful gift for someone you love, and people have been engraving jewellery since prehistoric times when decorative stones were hand carved. Fast forward to the 15th century when copper plate engraving was invented, becoming a popular method of adding identifying marks and messages, and traditional engraving as we now know it, was born.

Hand engraving was used for softer metals such as gold, silver and platinum but the advent of laser engraving has allowed much harder surfaces to be engraved. Now, all types of jewellery can be engraved, from rings and bracelets to watches and cufflinks, as well as accessories like trinket boxes, photo frames and keyrings.

Here at John Greed we are proud of our engraving department which uses state of the art, laser engraving machines built to our own exacting specifications. These are operated by a small yet select team of skilled engravers who take great pride in producing exceptionally high-quality engraving.

So why is laser engraving so special? And what is the difference between laser engraving and traditional methods?  

The lasers used to engrave our jewellery employ a method known as ablation which is the removal of a metal surface with intense heat in order to create an image. This technology is chemical and residue free, and is therefore completely environmentally friendly. As laser marking offers precision detailing, our engravers are able to create intricate designs with no risk to the jewellery item. Engravings can also be made at specific depths and are therefore much longer lasting.

A well engraved item will endure and give pleasure for many years, so it is always worth asking to see examples of work. The untrained eye may not be able to spot the difference but when compared side by side, it is clear to spot.

Why engrave?

Engraving allows you to inscribe truly precious, personal messages or dates on jewellery and accessories, while laser engraving allows a wider range of materials to be inscribed, including alternative metals such as tungsten, steel and titanium. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or graduation or simply saying thank you, a personalised gift will always be extra special and completely unique!

For wonderfully unique gift ideas, browse our engravable jewellery, gifts and accessories today!

Love Jenny & Team JG x