The Art of Swarovski Crystal 💎

Swarovski crystals are bought all over the world and are loved by everyone worldwide. But the question is why are Swarovski so famous for their high quality jewellery?

As with any jewellery manufacturer the inspiration for the complex crystal creations start with a creative process. Born out of passion for detail and high-precision cutting, the Swarovski crystal creations are particularly complex and require a long design process of up to 21 months from initial concept stage to product launch. With a focus on trend curation, design and meaningful branding, every piece tells a story and embodies over 125 years of mastered craftsmanship.

In this blog post we delve deeper into the process Swarovski go through to achieve their outstanding qaulity on their beautiful crystal jewellery pieces.

The first stage consists of inspirational research sketching, the designers carry out research to understand every aspect of the jewellery piece before they begin to sketch. The best sketches are then hand selected for the 3D clay models.

Clay modeling is the second stage. The designers create the clay model with an array of materials such as clay, plasticine or modeling wax, and a wire for the skeleton. State-of-the-art 3D modeling software allows models to be created digitally.

During the 3D scan and faceting stage, the clay model is then scanned and a digital file is created for designers so that facets can be applied and the single parts can be constructed. The 3D design reflects the look and feel of the final piece with the selected crystal colours. After this, the 3D design is converted in to a resin model plotted by a 3D printer. The final assembly of the crystal creation is all done by hand in the glueing of parts stage , this is all done by hand and requires full concentration and a steady hand.

Effects are then applied to the surface of the crystal using a vacuum coating. This is called the Aurore Boreale effect and this was Swarovski’s first crystal surface effect inspired by the Northern Lights. Each Swarovski piece is infused with technical expertise and a passion for detail that has characterised the brand since the introduction in 1895.

Browse some of Swarovski’s best picks below:

Swarovski today , sell products in approximately 170 countries, employ over 32,000 employees and have more than 3,000 stores. Browse our Swarovski jewellery at John Greed today and discover the magic of Swarovski sparkle.

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