‘They’ve been perfecting the process for years now!’

For those of you who don’t know, ‘Mora Pandora’ is the name of one of the most influential and well known Pandora bloggers out there today. Written by Ellie, it has all the latest Pandora news, reviews and gossip from around the world and a lot of Pandora followers.

Here at JG we’re very proud of our laser engraving on Pandora charms, so we were really excited when we decided to get in touch with Ellie with the thought of her reviewing our Pandora engraving skills. Ellie asked us if we could engrave ‘Mora Pandora’ on a charm. We thought we could do better than just writing it on and engraved the actual ‘Mora Pandora’ logo on to the charm. We also engraved some other Pandora jewellery for her including a bangle to show what other stuff we can do and show off our talents.

Mora Pandora’s engraved bangle, charm and pendant charm
(Image credit: morapandorablog.com)

A few days later her blog appeared and wow, she loved the engraving we did for her calling it “some of my most exciting new Pandora additions in a long while” and “the finish on them is perfect”. As for the bead we engraved her logo on she said “This is instantly one of my favourite beads in my collection, and something that I’ll always treasure. I cannot tell you how happy this makes me!”

(Image credit: morapandorablog.com)

We all love a pat on the back for our efforts so that was great to hear but it didn’t stop there, her followers and fans were even more complimentary with the engraved Pandora… there were tears of happiness reported!

And that for us is what it’s all about, we’ve engraved 200,000 Pandora charms but to hear about the emotions and the happiness from the customers is what really makes our day.

(Image credit: morapandorablog.com)

To make a special gift even more personal, visit our engraving page today.

If you would like to read her blog post in full and soak up some of the Pandora love on her blog go to http://www.morapandorablog.com/2018/04/27/review-pandora-engraving-from-john-greed/

Love Jenny & Team JG x