Thomas Sabo’s New Charming Collection ✨

Introducing the new Charming Collection from Thomas Sabo. Go on a journey and let yourself be inspired with the brand new Thomas Sabo collection. Create your own styles, layer up your necklaces, create the ultimate ear party and stack your rings to create that beautiful combination.

Ring Stacking – MORE IS MORE 💖

Put your fingers in the limelight with the Thomas Sabo’s Charming Rings! With the current jewellery trends pointing towards ring stacks that glow, what better way to start than with the perfect ring combination from Thomas Sabo. When stacking rings, you should always think about the design, style, size and colour, you want rings that will complement eachother and make your finger jewellery shine.

Browse our selection of Thomas Sabo Rings below:

Layer Up with Beautiful Necklaces & Bracelets

Combine different necklaces & bracelets to create a personalised look for yourself and send out a statement to your peers. Layering is the process of overlaying pieces of jewellery on your neck or your wrist to show the different styles within your jewellery collection. This can include multiple chains of different lengths, colours and sizes to create that on-trend look you have been craving!

But how many chains should I layer? The trick is not to over do it with necklace layering, anything from 2 chains to 4 chains would be suitable to help you achieve that fashion look. If you are looking to layer bracelets on your wrist then make sure you include all different types, whether that is gold, silver or beaded, all of these will complement each other and ensure you have the best wrist jewellery on the block!

Browse some of Thomas Sabo’s Charming necklaces & bracelets below:

Start Your Own Ear Party 🎉

Starting your own ear party has never been so easy! Be creative and add multiple earring pendants to your ear to create that personalised combination that you will wear in style. Let your creative style take over and add any type of pendant to your earring combination that suits you.

Take a look at the image below on how to start your very own earring combination 👇

Ready to create your own look? Shop our Thomas Sabo Charming earring pendants.

Love Josh & Team JG x