Untamed & Unfazed Love By Rachel Jackson London ❤

Introducing Rachel Jackson London’s most decadent and evocative designs to date, the Untamed & Unfazed Love Collection. This dual faceted collection has been created to inspire you to take your destiny into your own hands.

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Unfazed & Untamed love is inspired by the spirit and optimism of the roaring twenties. Encapsulating a sense of self-love and self-exploration, the talismanic pendants will empower your everyday.

A classic heart design bursting with positivity ❤

Embrace the journey of life and all its possibilities with this meaningful spinner necklace ❤

Celebrate and embrace the new roaring twenties with this Art-Deco inspired necklace ❤

Take a look at the rest of the beautiful pieces from the Unfazed & Untamed Love Collection 👇

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