What is Demi-Fine Jewellery?

The jewellery world has an abundance of categories which can be daunting. From high end jewellery – the bespoke, one of a kind pieces crafted from the most precious metals and stones – to costume jewellery and fashion jewellery – both of which emulate their richer cousin but at a fraction of the price. And now we have a new contender – demi-fine jewellery.

The perfect mix of the ethos of fine jewellery with the fun fashion element, demi-fine pieces represent contemporary investment pieces you’ll still love in years to come. Encompassing our perennial favourites of necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets, demi-fine jewellery is all lovingly crafted from quality materials.

Our brand NEW John Greed Demi-Fine arrivals unite fashion and fine jewellery in the most contemporary way, blurring the lines between fine and costume jewellery by combining the very best elements of both. Identified by delicate chain work and feminine proportions, our latest ranges feature modern silhouettes, inspired by the hottest global jewellery trends around. At John Greed HQ, we know that you will love being able to layer and stack our newest pieces, so you can enjoy them day and night, whatever the season.

Our demi-fine jewellery is crafted from top quality and durable materials in wearable designs, at more accessible prices. We use luxurious rose and gold vermeil, sterling silver and gemstones. With price points lower than that of fine jewellery, you still have the reassurance of quality and craftsmanship. When it comes to stone-set demi-fine jewellery we particularly love the use of semi-precious stones such as amethyst, topaz and lapis lazuli, which have all been ethically sourced – these look great stacked with simpler styles like the John Greed Candy Bar Silver Skinny Ring.

Uniqueness, the potential for personalisation and the ability to mix demi-fine jewellery pieces allows our customers to make something more personal, which can be layered up and made into wearable everyday jewellery.

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Love Jenny & Team JG x