Where did it all start for ChloBo Jewellery? ❤

ChloBo was created after the owner, Chloe Moss packed her bags and ventured across the world on a 10 month journey around the globe. Chloe eventually landed at the beautiful Indonesian island, Bali, where she fell in love with the island and its stunning silver craftsmanship, this is where ChloBo was born.

Today, ChloBo jewellery is renowned for their stacking bracelets, signature rings and layering necklaces and are loved by everyone worldwide! All ChloBo pieces are handmade in the UK by their in-house production team with Chloe and the Creative Director playing an integral part of the creation process. ChloBo are proud to be a UK company working with 925 sterling silver and 18 ct gold and rose gold plating jewellery pieces.

The ChloBo team work in a family-run workshop in the UK, this is where the sketch book comes out and Chloe’s jewellery ideas come to life . Chloe builds a mood board with the team as the first step beforehand. From simple outlines, to full colour drawings, this is where the magic happens. Once the ideas have been finalised, the team then do as much as they can in the studio to refine and edit designs, checking rings will stack and using their local silversmith to achieve the right “look and feel” before they send the final design specification to be made.

Their inspiration for these jewellery pieces come from a number of places, from art and architecture to travel and nature. Their Iconics ranged is designed to be easy to wear and timeless whereas their Seasonal Collections inject a more fashion lead look.

Browse some of their beautiful jewellery below:

From concept to design, each piece takes inspiration from the places they visit and the symbolic meanings they posses. ChloBo pride themselves on providing jewellery that people can connect, relate and gain comfort with. Create a stack that builds a story with ChloBo Jewellery today.

Love Josh & Team JG x