Why John Greed Decided to Create a Medical ID Design for the Trendsetter Bracelet ✨

We have recently launched our exclusive Medical ID Nomination Bracelet as we believe there is a need for people to have the option to obtain a Medical ID Bracelet that is a bit different to those that are currently available on the market.

But why did we create an exclusive design like this?

A statement from our Directors

We have a teenage daughter who has had a life threatening, anaphylaxis reaction to certain tree nuts all her life. Our problem was that as she naturally now wants to go out more with just her friends and it was critically important to us that she wore, at all times, a bracelet identifying her as anaphylaxis and that she carried adrenaline. There are limited medical bracelets available on the market which we have purchased mainly from Australia, but none really inspired her to want to wear them and as a consequence she would leave the house without it. We needed something fashionable, classic, strong, noticeable and adaptable that could change with her tastes as she grew up. 

One of us also has a sister who has Multiple Sclerosis. She had immunosuppressive medication and required a medical alert bracelet to highlight this fact whilst out and about. As we own and manage a Jewellery business and knowing that we engrave jewellery products and sell the fashionable brand Nomination, the idea was for us to engrave one of the existing blank bracelet charms for her with the information she required.

Nomination charm bracelets are incredibly popular and have a huge range of charms for every type of person…. kids, teenagers, adults and every type of interest and fashion. Links can be added at home so being able to easily change the size and style, which can be important for different consumers. They are also made of stainless steel which means they never have to be taken off, also important to ensure they always have it on! 

We decided to look into this further and see if we could come up with something better, more versatile and personable for all and decided to design our own medical ID bracelets in conjunction with Nomination. We asked Nomination to provide for us a large engravable plaque that would work with their highly popular charm bracelets. We designed the special ID style link with a medical alert symbol in red and enough space to get an emergency message on. As we are specialist jewellery engravers and use lasers to achieve amazing quality we now have the complete solution.

Our daughter now has a beautiful, noticeable bracelet that she wants to wear with her emergency message on. She rarely needs to take it off and it can be adapted to suit her style with the interchangeable charms. This gorgeous Trendsetter Medical ID Bracelet is the perfect gift for a loved one if they have a medical condition. It can be engraved with your own personalised message in case of emergency and it can be customised with additional Nomination Classic charms in the future.

We will be donating £5 for every bracelet sold to various medical charities on a rolling three month basis with the first charity being the MS Society. We hope that this money can go towards more support for the fantastic things these charities continue to do for people with medical conditions.

Love Josh & Team JG x